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How do we make the best use of our natural resources while improving the services and amenities that make Pinellas County a favored place to call home?

Livability means safe neighborhoods with convenient access to parks, businesses, transportation and cultural activities that improve residents’ health and quality of life. It’s based on stewardship of the natural environment – protecting our coastline, green spaces, water and air quality, while minimizing risks from hazards such as flooding and sea level rise.

It is sustained by consistent everyday services, such as sustainable drinking water and solid waste management.

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Future Land Use

Balancing future development needs in our built environment – housing for residents, jobs, transportation networks, services and public facilities – with protection of our natural environment drives all our policies for how our land is used in the future.

Natural Resource Conservation & Management

Pinellas County’s natural beauty and rich resources attract residents and visitors alike, while also sustaining critical plant and animal habitats. Protecting these resources is a key priority for the future.

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Coastal Management

As a peninsula, Pinellas County boasts world-famous beaches, but must also contend with the challenges of coastal planning, sea level rise, flooding and other natural disasters. Preserving this natural resource while protecting life, property and infrastructure is vital for our long-term vitality.

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Recreation, Open Space, & Culture

Since our earliest days, this community has placed a premium on setting aside public land for parks, preserves and cultural sites. Future policies will continue to protect these precious resources – both green spaces and recreational facilities – so future generations can enjoy the outdoors in an urbanized county.

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Surface Water Management

Managing our watershed requires a systematic approach that minimizes flooding, maintains natural water quality and protects the environment.

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Solid Waste

As a growing community, Pinellas County will continue to find innovative ways to manage increased solid waste collection through investment in our facilities and strategic planning that ensures safe and environmentally sound disposal and reuse.

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Potable Water, Wastewater, & Reuse

Delivering quality drinking water while safely collecting and treating wastewater is a basic expectation for every resident and visitor – our policies and care for essential infrastructure is reflected in our long-term planning.

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The County will ensure transparency in the way we do business by establishing policies and decision-making processes that keep our citizens engaged and informed.

Property Rights

The County must ensure a balanced approach to land development and protection. The Property Rights chapter recognizes the need to address the rights of property owners, while balancing the need to promote public health, safety, welfare and the orderly and balanced economic, social, physical, environmental and fiscal future.